Oasis Huacachina And Sandboarding

If you have an adventurous spirit, then you will love this intense excursion in the Ica Desert, driving a dune buggy and sandboarding perfect sand dunes.

Located 5 hrs south of Lima, the desert oasis Huacachina is home to an extraordinary adventure tour called

“the dune buggy and sandboarding tour”.

This tour is both thrilling and beautiful, transporting you at high speeds deep into the desert to see the huge sand dunes on the coast. These mountains of sand are beautiful and surreal. And adventurous


¡travelers are welcome to try sandboarding down the dunes!


Some useful items that every passenger should bring with them to Huacachina are :

+  Your passport
+  Sunscreen / sunblock / hats
+  Sun glasses (to prevent sand flying in your eyes)
+  A sweatshirt (it can get chilly in the evenings)
+  Money – in Peruvian soles
+  Tennis shoes / sneakers
+  Sandals are great, but *not* appropriate for the dune buggy tour. Wear tennis shoes for that.

Per persoon            S/ 40.00 Soles PEN
extra tax touristic S/     3.60 Soles PEN

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